Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who Says You Can't Buy a Home!: How to Put Credit Problems, Down Payment Challenges, and Income Issues Behind You -- And Get a Mortgage Now

Although this book has chapters devoted to people with no credit or bad credit, this new book tells how people can get a home loan - at competitive rates - that might not have any money for down payment or closing costs, regardless of credit history.

I'm in the real estate business and thought I had heard it all but this book points out strategies that I didn't know existed. Perhaps the best sections are those which address people with damaged credit and how to not just shop around for the best loan but maybe more importantly how to protect themselves from "bad" loan officers who are only in the business to take advantage of someone and charge super high rates and fees.

I bought several copies of this book to give to clients who think they can't buy a home. Then wait for their phone call!

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